False statements or representation

The debt collector contacted Me via Cell Phone XXXX XXXX. At this time she told me I had a Debt of $ XXXX and needed to resolve this before she sent me to jail for writing a false check. Understanding that I do owe the debt, we worked out a payment arrangement. After a 30 minute discussion about my bills and what I could afford, she came up with a schedule, and amount of payments to be made ( Monthly Payments, XXXX at {$60.00} Each and XXXX for {$25.00} Each totaling {$220.00} payments for 6 months ) and she would eliminate the debt completely. After satisfying all payments, The last of which was in XXXX, I assumed the debt was settled. She then started calling me XX/XX/XXXX saying we need to set up a payment agreement to finish of the rest of the loan amount, and that we had never agreed to what i had already paid. After multiple harrassing phone calls in the very early morning and late evening, I called and left a voicemail. I told her specifically that i could not afford to continue paying anymore and that I could afford to pay off whatever we could agree on in XXXX When i get a little extra pay. XXXX XXXX She called my wife 5 times asking for me. After my wife answered she explained to the lady that this is unacceptable behavior and asked what this was about. The lady rudely said that her supervisor took the account from her a week ago, that he had taken it to their attorney ‘s office, Issued a warrant for my arrest, and i was to be served with papers the following business day. I Immediately received a frantic call at work from my wife telling me what was happening, and called her back. This time her story changed. They had n’t Issued a warrant yet, and she could stop the process if i set up a payment agreement. So i set up a payment agreement, and intent to fulfill it. She asked me the payment dates, and i gave her specific instructions to deduct our agreed XXXX {$100.00} payments on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. After our conversation she said she would send me an email containing the payments, and that if i did not complete it asap, the warrant would still be issued and i would be arrested. The form she sent me has different dates on it Payment # 1 XXXX/XXXX/XXXX for {$100.00} & Payment # 2 XXXX/XXXX/XXXX {$100.00}. This is not our agreement and i can not afford to be jailed for a {$600.00} check i never wrote! Any help would be appreciated.

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