False statements or representation

I am filing this complaint because I recently received a collection notice from a company called Enhanced Recovery Collections.
It was a collection notice for an XXXX account.

Even though I do n’t agree that I owed XXXX anything, I started doing some investigation. However, because I was never notified that there was ever any money owed until I received this notice from ERC, I called ERC to ask for more information. I called on XXXX XXXX of 2016. The representative who I spoke with employed the stereotypical collector attitude. And after long deliberation, the representative told me that if I paid him this account in a settlement, that he would make sure that this would never be placed on my credit report. Although I was skeptical, the deal sounded too good to pass up so I went ahead and paid him.

Fast forward almost 30 days later and I have a big problem. After reviewing my XXXX account, the ERC collection for XXXX that I was told would never appear on my credit report ended up appearing on my credit report! It shows as a paid collection.

I understand that this may not be a problem to some people but it is a big problem to me. For XXXX, I was lied to and given a false promise in order to get me to pay an account I did n’t even agree I owed. That is not only morally wrong but it is also illegal. Secondly, because I was lured with a false promise in order to pay this account, my right to dispute and have this debt validated went out the window. Now I am very furious.

Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act XXXX XXXX. False or misleading representations, ” A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt. ” The collector at ERC did just that. He told me this would never hit my credit report if I paid them and I did under the premise that this would never appear on it. If I knew that what he said was a lie, I would have simply disputed the account since I still do n’t think I owed it.

I have spent many years making sure my credit report is in good standing to let a lying collector simply ruin it. If ERC does not delete this account from my credit report then I will sue them. Please look into this for me because who knows what other things ERC is doing with people in their collection attempts. If they lied to me to get me to pay this, who knows who else they lied to.

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