False statements or representation

XXXX XXXX , XXXX . of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX handled the foreclosure matter on our home. We sold our home on XX/XX/XXXX , 2 months before the scheduled sheriff sale date of XX/XX/XXXX , and XXXX XXXX asked for and received the sellers disclosure on XX/XX/XXXX . We also signed a confidential settlement agreement that XXXX XXXX prepared. However, XXXX XXXX refused to cancel the sheriff sale even after we contacted the sheriff department, told them the house was sold, and the sheriff department reached out to XXXX XXXX to cancel the sale. XXXX XXXX still did not cancel the sale. Our name was wrongfully published for 2 months on every auction website and we were inundated and harassed by attorney and realtor solicitations. We were also contacted by family members and old neighbors advising us that our SOLD home was still up for sheriff sale. The sale was never canceled despite all our attempts to get XXXX XXXX to do his job and cancel the sale. We do n’t know why a debt collection firm would behave in this type of unethical and harmful behavior other than to cause our family severe emotional distress and to cause us financial harm. We have tried to settle this matter with them. XXXX XXXX ‘s response has been to threaten us with in-house legal action when we informed him of our intent to file an ethics complaint as well as this complaint with the CFPB. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX is well known for their abuse of homeowners. In this case, they should not be allowed to intentionally inflict pain and suffering on homeowners who have already sold their home. We sold our home and 2 months later we went to sheriff sale. There should be consequences for this type of criminal behavior. The real question is … why did he do it? Was taking it to the sheriff sale date an important milestone that needed to be met in order to trigger insurance payoffs or other incentive pay. I strongly suspect this is the case and the CFPB should be looking into this matter closely.

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