Family Enjoys Comfort, Security and Lifestyle of Their Dreams

After 12 years of wading through the drudgery of long hours and unfulfilling jobs, Chris and Edna Anderson decided that they had to make a major change in their occupation. “We feel our livelihood should enhance, not engulf our lives,” they say. They joined a network marketing company and became very successful. But, soon the company began to lose its good reputation and the Andersons felt like they should jump out before they sank with it. “What you do in a bad situation is more important than what caused the situation. If people realize there is something to learn from their breakdown, and recognize there is an opportunity for them to go forward to break through, the process gives them perspective to have faith and conviction in themselves.”

Instead of dwelling on the bad situation, the Andersons pulled themselves right back up. At about that time they were introduced to new company. But, before they committed themselves again, they wanted to be sure they were getting into something solid. “We tested the products ourselves and with our friends, and every one of us had amazing results!” After completing a thorough background check on company, they found no cracks and realized that they had found a five-star company. “Company had a leader that had a vision larger than just making money.”

Chris and Edna’s success comes from the principles of that same vision. “We know our organization is helping tens of thousands of people receive company products, one person at a time,” Edna says. “Financial and physical health go hand in hand. There is a price to being healthy, and we’re helping people achieve both. The more we reach our hands out to people, the more we will all benefit together.”

Chris and Edna still spend their time at their business office-which also happens to be their dream home. Now their distractions at work include the moments they spend watching the Canadian geese swimming around their dock and family and friends enjoying the beauty of the lake. Today, the Andersons enjoy the comfort, security, and lifestyle they had always been searching for.

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