Fees or interest


Once more I need to contact you re the abusive policies at Synchrony Bank. Regarding my XXXX account Nr. ending XXXX and XXXX Account ending XXXX .

I hav NOT made any purchases for several months in an effort to bring down my balance on these accounts. Several times I see that you have charged me with late charges in spite of the fact that I have made regular payments more that the minimum required like clockwork!!!!!

What the heck is your justification for these fees? It is because of YOUR fees that my account has go over limit! Not due to my over indulgent spending.!!!

You will personally see to it that all these fees are removed from these accounts by close of business on XX/XX/XXXX and send me a personal confirmation that this has been completed. If I don’t hear back from you by then I will initiate a class action against Synchrony bank for abusive practices regarding interest rates and punitive fees to customers. I know that there are a myriad of complaints regarding your bank and also several other class actions that you have had to pay regarding harassing phone calls to customers. You need to implement fair and realistic policies regarding revolving accounts at the corporate level or face the consequences of a constant barrage of complaints and bad PR to your company. I have had it with abusive bankers who are making obscene profits on the backs of working and retired people. I will be draft a legislative bill to send to my Senators and Representative in both the Federal and State levels to deal with the abuses of the financial corporations.

The choice is yours…….do the right and moral thing here and restore my accounts by removing all extra fees other than interest and you will adjust the interest rate to 12%. Then recalculate the actual amount owed. Anything more than 1% per month is abusive.

Best Regards,

XX/XX/XXXX XX/XX/XXXX This letter will be posted to FaceBook on a special page to garner support to fight back against abusive banks.

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