Fraud or scam

I contacted the Law Office of Michael Lupolover because I was contacted by a debt collection agency that violated the FDCPA Law when contacting me. After 4 months of waiting to be contacted, XXXX contacted me with a settlement offer. He urged that I sign the settlement as quickly as possible. I advised him that there was information missing in the settlement. Which he assured me that it would me changed and to sign the XXXX settlement just so it could be filed. He lied to me about several things that were suppose to happen that never happened. He told me that the debt collection agency would no longer be able to contact me so they will be sending the debt back to its original creditor. 3 months later XXXX and XXXX XXXX, who claims he is Senior Attorney, keep telling me verbatim ” the debt collector has already returned debt to the original creditor ”. This could n’t be more false if it slapped you in the face. I called the original creditor 3 times and spoke with supervisors saying that it was n’t returned. I called the debt of ed which has verified that the debt belongs to the same debt collection agency that harassed me! This debt collection agency also reported to my credit bureau which resulted in me getting denied on an application which the XXXX Lawfirm has has stated that they did not do! They came to a settlement amount of XXXX with the debt collection agency and I was only getting XXXX and they would keep for themselves?! XXXX Lawfirm was charging me XXXX for fees on an arbitrary number. This Lawfirm is worse than the debt collection agency that harassed me.

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