Fraud or scam

I have recently hired a company who claimed to consolidate my student loans with the Dept. of Education using program called ” Obama Student Loan Forgiveness ”. I know I could have done it directly with the dept of education, but since I work very hard I thought I would not have the time to do this.They made me sign a contract, which seems to be ” irrevocable ” and made me liable to pay them {$1400.00} over the course of 3 years to keep renewing my consolidation applications. First problem I had with them is that they made many mistakes on my case and I had to keep calling to correct, such as personal info. Next, they promised I would be paying as low as {$36.00} a month for my loans, which was later confirmed as wrong by the Dept of Education. Next, they promised that all the debt will be settled in less than 20 years, which is NOT what the dept of Education has as true. So far they have taken about {$250.00} dollars from my checking account. Every time I tried to call them to express dissatisfaction with their services, I receive rude, angry and demeaning attitude from the representatives working for this company. I have put a stop in the payments and wish to not continue being taken advantage of by them any longer. Please help!!!!

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