Fraud or scam

I received a card in the mail with Core Advisory Group ‘s phone number ( no name ) advertising home loan modification back in XXXX of 2016. spoke with a case manager XXXX gave him all my info. And explained that I have been denied for a mod on my loan in the past. He explained that they work with government agencies to force lenders to do a loan mods. I signed up for a total of {$2400.00} All they did was send out a few emails and and made some phone calls but got no results what so ever. sale on house was temporary stopped only because i filled a complaint with lender ‘s fraud dept. All my credit card closed due to backruptcy scheme that they practice through a third part.All i got from them was a bunch of broken promises, lot of lies, unaswered and unreturned calls, bad credit, stress and a huge financial lost and I sill lost my house. Core advisory Group had cease and desist order in Texas where i live at the time of signing and should not have collected money up front for these type of service. This company use to go by colleagues in law which has been accused of same practices and closed and as seen on their reconciliation form acknodwlede affiliation.They are a fraud and need to be stopped.Please help me get my money back!

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