Fraud or scam

XXXX issued a check payable to our customer, XXXX AND firstsun financial inc. XXXX negotiated the check locally and received all the funds. we never endorsed the check or received any funds. XXXX even told us personally that he cashed it. i filed notarized check fraud affidavit for nonendorsement thru XXXX who says they submitted to XXXX in XXXX XXXX they said then that the bank said it would take 90 days. that passes 2 months ago. i have made repeated calls to the insurance company. i called the bank, they refused ant info, status or comment about my affidavit … ..was it received? … did they debit it back thru XXXX??? … did they already refund XXXX?? as a XXXX, i know that such matters require tracing back the guily party … .the bank or the insurance. i need to start with you to see what the bank has done. in my XXXX years of XXXX, i know that no problem next to major litigation takes this long! quite simply..they take my affidavit and the endorsement complaint, send as returned item thru XXXX who returns it to the negotiating bank, who might even send it to the local branch that took the item. either way it is THEIR responsibility to get funds from the customer. in the meantime, all parties should have been refunded along the way.
I ask your help to investigate this matter with XXXX XXXX. we need to know what they have or havent done. 1 am attaching a copy of the check that was provided. I think 6 months is enough!

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