Fraud or scam

I am a 2014 graduate of a XXXX program with over XXXX worth of student loans. Naturally, I was looking for some debt relief or a solution to improve my financial situation. My mom sent me a facebook article about ‘debt relief ‘ which led my to the ” Student loan relief department ” ( I use this title very lightly ) based out of XXXX , California . I talked to a representative for a decent period of time via phone and before I knew it I was locked into a $ XXXX/month service ( they fill out your paperwork for the PAYE government loan forgiveness program ) before even thinking about what I signed/read ( my lender has made me aware of that I am able to do myself for free ). I attempted to cancel the service when I was made aware ( by fed loan servicing, my lender ) that I am able to complete the 10 minute process myself when I was made aware by ” Student Loan relief Department ” that ‘it was too late and the work was already done ‘, I could not turn back. I was also initially told that I owe {$800.00} up front or {$1200.00} over 3 years ( with interest included ) to only find out that I owe {$1200.00} PLUS interest accrued over the three year period. This company has misled me about many things on the initial phone call as well as over time through email and follow up calls. They denied my request to end our business relationship ( which was a scam in the first place ) and now are virtually unreachable via phone. My lender ( XXXX ) has directed me to the FTC and XXXX to report this and states that these are scam companies. Now I am stuck paying {$1200.00} PLUS interest further putting me into debt due to being misled and misinformed. Please help me! I am willing to do what ever is necessary to help other new grads avoid falling into this trap as well!

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