Fraud or scam

A third party debt relief service -Student Loan Aid- has been accessing my account and withdrawing funds but not applying these funds directly to my student loans. They also put my loan in general forbearance without my permission. I recently learned that this business was noted ” not accredited ” by the BBB. This is clearly a for-profit company charging ” fees ” and keeping your money – IT IS A SCAM!
For me, this was originated on XXXX/XXXX/15 and my payments have not been accurately applied to my student loans since that time. I was not allowed access to my own accounts online because they changed the email address connected with the account – one that I did not have access to and could not use to recover access to my account.

Please see attached bank statement as an example of this type of withdrawal in the amount of {$340.00}, which has been occurring on the XXXX of each month.

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