Good to Go? Better Ways to Eat-on-the-Run

Like it or not, Americans are certainly busy these days. With the explosion of “Heat ‘n Eat”, and “Ready in 3 Minutes” meals in our markets, it’s no wonder we’re eating fast food quickly, rather than “dining,” most of the time.

Feel like you’re bombarded with fast food messages? For those of us who regularly eat on-the-road, at work, or who-knows-where-else, we are the prime target for these food messaging gurus. So if you’re one of those who eat on the run, here are a few simple rules for grub-to-go you should know!

  • Cute little “mini-sized” snacks can pack a maxi punch when it comes to fat and calories. Pop, pop, pop, and before you know it, the bag is empty and you’ve consumed two to three servings! A better alternative is to take a few moments to divide up one big bag of say, whole grain pretzels, into single servings. Put them in sandwich bags, and take them along one at a time. You’ll save money, and make better choices.
  • Many of our “unhealthy” and beloved snacks have a healthier counterpart. The more similar these healthier alternatives are to their less healthy counterparts, the more likely you are to choose them. Frozen yogurt or sorbet novelties work when you need an ice cream-style treat, if they’re just as convenient. Proximity is everything! Keep the right foods ready and available.
  • Fill up on fruit-its inexpensive, easy to eat, can be easily stored (many fruits don’t require refrigeration) and loaded with nutrients. And if you’re watching carbs or counting calories fruit may be a great choice.
  • Adopt the grazing craze. Small meals spaced every 3-4 hours help keep your blood sugars level, reduces fatigue and allows you to maintain a higher metabolic rate. All these factors combine to make you less vulnerable to the fast food lure.

Rather than become a junk food junkie, plan your progress down the road to a healthy lifestyle by making sure it’s paved with good food choices.

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