How to Make People Feel Positive About You

Body Language? How we talk? Is it that important? Does it really make a difference how we act and converse with others? Can it really help us become more successful in all areas of our lives? The answer is a definite yes!

In the network marketing industry how we come across to others, how we sell our ideas, and how we talk to people is of fundamental importance.

We have all met people who can effortlessly command respect and attention, whether it be at work or socially. We assume that this “charisma” is a natural ability — you either have it or you don’t. But it can be learned, practised, and perfected.

The greatest desire that humans have is to be recognised, to feel important and appreciated. When you make others feel important they will respond positively to you. And this is especially critical in network marketing.

Everyone is keen to be influential with others in any situation, and we are providing everyone with the right techniques. If you have the determination to learn, and the right information, anyone can learn how to achieve extraordinary success with virtually anyone.

It is vitally important to be positive about who you are and what you do. This can come across even before we speak, through our body language. People form up to 90% of their initial opinion about us in fewer than four minutes, based on body language. Next they listen to how we speak and what we say, and then they determine their level of respect for us and their interest in us. It is about remaining positive, being enthusiastic, and not criticising anyone or anything.

We are all guilty of lazy speech. We have become a culture of saying what we think and not taking the time to consider that if we phrase things differently we could get an entirely different outcome or response.

Is it really that simple to re-train and develop our people skills? Many people are amazed and even disappointed that it could be so simple. The perception that success can be achieved without pain and hardship is hard for some people to understand, as there is an expectation that it would have to be complicated and difficult, otherwise everyone would be successful.

All it really takes is the right approach and lots of practice.

Understanding human nature is a start.

Another interesting observation is how we all overlook the different way men and women talk and listen. How many of us have actually observed men communicating to men, and exchanges between women. Can changing the way we communicate to different sexes lead to a more successful outcome?

Men deal one thing at a time and wait for their turn to talk. Women speak and listen simultaneously. You have to actively participate in the conversation or they will assume you are not interested.

Men like facts and figures; women look for personal details that appeal to their emotions.

So what is the best approach when talking to someone about a network marketing opportunity. Is it the product or the seller that has the power? The choices available to consumers today are phenomenal — there are so many options around — it is a buyers market. Therefore, we tend to choose to do business, buy ideas, products, and services from people we like, or who appeal to us. We no longer have to buy from someone just because there is nowhere else to go.

Consumers will choose the personable salesperson even if the product is not exactly what they originally wanted, because they have been made to feel important and “special”. What you are offering is of secondary importance to consumers today — it’s your people skills that will capture their imagination.

What about self-confidence? In network marketing, especially when starting out, this can be a real issue. Many of us are comfortable talking about personal things, but crumble when asked to present an opportunity. When part of a group, conversation flows, but it suddenly dries up when the focus shifts to you. Everybody constantly faces self-confidence issues. The difference is that I have specific techniques to deal with it when it does happen. Everyone is born with basic body language skills to protect themselves from danger, but all other skills need to be learned.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” comes to mind, and building experience. The more we do something the better we get at it. This is true for everything we do — whether it is playing sport, learning a new software program, or giving a presentation.

Role playing in a one-on-one situation with another person is a great way for network marketers to practice selling their opportunity or product. Most people practise their presentations in their heads, but you need to physically role play the situation at least six times for it to become an ingrained part of your presentation. If you do this, you will get it down-pat and you won’t ever need to think about it. It will just come naturally once role playing becomes part of your own personal training exercise. Practise is for professionals. Ad-libbing is for amateurs.

How good you are at persuading others is directly related to your ability to get them to like you. If your prospect likes you, and feels comfortable with you, you will have far more success persuading them to do what you want them to do. Ninety-three per cent of all top communicators learnt how to do it, and the other 7% have some innate ability. There are ways to make people feel instantly positive about you. For example, a simple smile.

So if we want to be more successful in both our personal and business lives it is possible, if we just take the time to think about the very things we take for granted:

  • how we speak;
  • how we act; and
  • what we say!

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