Improper contact or sharing of info

XXXX, and other employees from security finance.. would call my work on a daily bases … to the point that it jeopardize my job … because of all the calls that kept coming in … I asked the finance empolyees ( more than XXXX ) …. Please do not call me at work … and even when I asked them, not to call my work … the kept calling. If that was n’t enough … XXXX would go to my home.. and harass my underage kids! Too many times this person called me at work and went to my home … after I told them please stop.. knowing that I was not home.. ( only my kids ) day my friend was meowing my grass and .. told that person … my finance situation … and told that person if, I did not pay they were going to take 21 % of my paycheck until I paid off the loan! These company harassed my in more than one way! is there something I can do? need help please

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