Improper contact or sharing of info

Around XXXX of XXXX I, along with my employer, suddenly received an income execution from the XXXX about a default judgment allegedly entered against me back on XXXX XXXX, XXXX by Colorado Capital Investments. The original judgment was {$1600.00} and with interest the income execution now totals {$3600.00}. When I called Colorado Capital Investments ( as advised by the Marshals office when I told them I had no clue what this was about and why did they also send info to my employer ) Colorado Capital Investments informed me of the default judgment they had against me and that the XXXX were to collect on the debt. I explained to them I was never made aware of a default judgment entered against me and did not live in the state of XXXX from XXXX through XXXX so could never have received any notification of such. I was not even sure what the judgment default was for because it is over 12 yrs old. They said they would send me some paper work and ended up sending me forms saying they received my complaint of ” fraud ” and requested info such as a drivers license, etc to prove my residence back in XXXX. I have no such info as requested, it has been over 15 years since XXXX and I was required to turn in my XXXX license in when I received a license XXXX when I returned in XXXX and I did not keep things such as residential leases, utility bills, etc from XXXX to prove my residence. More importantly, I never alleged fraud of any kind. I told them there had to of been process of service issues considering I did not live in XXXX at any time near XXXX. So not only did I not receive a summons and complaint, but I also never received notice of the default judgment entered against me. It is unfair practice to let a default judgment sit and collection interest for 12 years and then finally act on it when the interest is higher than the amount of the judgment. Moreover, I told them that when I began law school in XXXX I received a full credit report on myself to ensure that I corrected all debt issues before I graduated law school this past XXXX so that I did not have any difficulty passing the Character & Fitness portion of the admission process and advised them that no such judgment has ever appeared on my credit report. Because I was unable to come forward with any documents of where I lived in XXXX, Colorado Capital Investments and the XXXX office have continued to contact my employer only!

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