Improper contact or sharing of info

I have been an ongoing customer in good standing with Citibank for more than 7 years and their services had always been great! In 2004, I paid off all of my debt. I held on to my Citicard in case of an emergency, but I had no intentions of using it right away because of the high APR ; However, I received credit checks from Citibank offering me a lower APR. I used one of the checks to make a purchase during the XXXX season unaware that Citibank had decreased my line of credit without ever notifying me beforehand. As a result of this unbeknowst credit decrease, I was plunged into a horrifying court case where I was forced to plead guilty to fradulent check writing. I had to pay {$200.00}, to prevent incarseration. Once I paid the unexpected court cost and the fradulent check charge. I believed that this situation was finally behind me, but to my surprise after attempting employment and housing, I was shocked to learn that this bad check charge had kept me from being hired and achieving stable housing for me and my family year after year. At this point I realized that I had been done unjustly by Citibank because my payments were on time and up-to-date. They sent the low APR credit checks for me to use in any way, as long my line of credit was enough to cover the amount of the check that was written. My line of credit was {$3400.00} and my available line of credit was {$1200.00} which was more than enough to cover the amount of the check at {$130.00}. Even to this day when I am applying for employment, my background check comes back as a reason why I am denied employment.

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