Improper contact or sharing of info

ConServe sent a wage garnishment to my employer in XXXX 2016. After completing wage garnishment calculation sheet with my employer ; I called ConServe to see about getting into a REHAB program. I spoke with XXXX and he walked me through several online and printed documents that I had to complete to supposedly get into this so called REHAB program. He told me that my employer could hold off on the wage garnishment until a letter from XXXX XXXX XXXX is received that would change my payment to $ 5 month and he then said to ensure that this is done, I needed to make XXXX {$5.00} payments over the phone. I did this by giving him my account information. My employer called me in to say ConServe had called her and that the wage garnishment that we calculated would have to begin immediately at which time I called ConServe again to find out what is going on. I was told at that time that the {$5.00} payment was being made to Conserve to REQUEST a payment reduction or CANCELLATION from XXXX and that I would have to continue to make XXXX consecutive {$5.00} payments ON TOP of the wage garnishment payment before a request would be made to XXXX XXXX XXXX. It ‘s now XXXX and I ‘m still completing paperwork in regards to a {$5.00} payment and still being garnished for the calculated amount. None of what they say, make any sense to me. There is no way XXXX will stop a {$22000.00} debt based on 5 consecutive payments made on time. I ‘m trying to get them to be honest with me, because why should I pay them {$5.00} a month to ask XXXX something that I know will not happen. It ‘s crazy and they ‘re being very deceitful. XXXX should be ashame of themselves for contracting such an unprofessional company to manipulate hard working individuals ; who clearly do n’t have the money to even pay back these loans. It ‘s not that we do n’t want to pay ; but times are hard and the money is simply not available at the time. To hood wink someone into making payments like this is TOTAL FRAUD! I WILL BE MAKING A COMPLAINT TO DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AS WELL!

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