Improper contact or sharing of info

Wells Fargo Dealership Services ( whom I owe a debt to on a loan for my truck, and they communicated with my wife at our home # in which she told them I WAS OUT OF WORK and had no job ) … .called : 1 ) My Home 2 ) My Cell # 3 ) The Dealership where i bought the truck 4 ) My ex-employer 5 ) My wife ‘s cell phone 6 ) My wife at her place of work 7 ) My wife ‘s mother who lives in another Town 8 ) My father who lives in another city … … … … ..
… .and therefore told each and every entity listed that they were trying to COLLECT A DEBT from ME, and this is HARASSMENT!!! Either something had better be done about these practices, or I ‘m going to file a lawsuit for harassment and defamation!!!!!!

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