Improper contact or sharing of info

Kramer and Associates is the debt collection agency that has been contacting me about money owed. I was making payments on time every other Friday until they tried to withdraw funds too early and it was denied. From that moment, it has been hard to get back on track with the payments. Kramer and Associates called my job and I was pulled out of a meeting to answer the call. I still do n’t know how they got my work number. Today, a roommate from 8 years ago contacted me saying someone from Kramer and Associates called them looking for me. Whoever it was left her a voicemail and an extension : ( XXXX ) XXXX – XXXX ext. XXXX. I had every intention of paying off the remaining balance but this is too much. It is very embarrassing to contacted by an old college roommate from 8 years ago concerning a debt collector. This has gone too far!

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