Improper contact or sharing of info

Dear I was in my work when I answered a phone call from my supervisor. I asked him if he needed something. He told me no. He calling me after receiving a debt collection phone call about a loan requested for me to XXXX. He gave me the case number, phone number and contact name asking me to respond immediately.

I was shocked about this situation because my supervisor told me ” you need to resolve this matter because they have a lawsuit and they want to come here and give it to you ” I contacted them to explain my situation at this time. They did n’t help as well they do n’t give me any chance to explain anything. The Manager request me the payment of the debt and ask me if I wanted to pay with my checking account or XXXX At this time I do n’t have any money for paying but please give me some time and let me see what can I do. He was yelling me about the amount with interest and I was surprised about I requested them a copy of my contract with the loan amount and charges associated with the loan. They never e-mail me such information.

I wanted to check the contract the initial loan amount and the high interests. First because it will be easier to figure out what to do and second two years ago I got a identity theft problem and the call could be a scam.

Why they do n’t call me directly instead to share my information with my supervisor?

I called to a debt consolidation company but we asked me about my income and expenses and I realize with them I need more income for paying my basic utilities.

I was disable to work because a medical condition and I was unable to work for several months receiving the half of my salary.

My medical condition is up and down and my payment shows the problem with the amount unpaid almost every month. I am under medical treatment and I try to work wishing to get better. But honestly is hard to get focusing under continuous fatigue and sickness and is worsen with my economy down.

I call to the collection agency and explained him about my interest for paying getting advice with a debt consolidation agency and the manager was rude telling me ” stop and listening to me ”, ” be quiet ” ” Shooing me ” several times and he do n’t leave me to speak meanwhile when I asked him about Why he called me at my work and with my supervisor, I ask him do n’t do it again, he was rude all the time alleging me about the payment and yelling me about they do n’t negotiate with a debt agency several times.

On XX/XX/XXXX my boss call me after receiving again a phone call about my debt. Asking me to stop this situation.

I called to the Agency asking him some time to resolve this. He threatened me saying he will to garnish my wages or proceed with a lawsuit against me. His language was inappropriate telling me ” stop, stop ” o shooing me when I tried to speak. I asked him why he was talking with me in this way and he explained me it was because I was just saying XXXX things. He abused because my supervisor was informed and at the end he told me about a settlement paying on XXXX/XXXX/15 {$580.00} and the second payment on XX/XX/XXXX {$580.00} and he will e-mail me th Settlement letter. I was trying to explain him my situation with my monthly pay with deduction because I have unpaid days. But he never heard me and he decided about the best option for me! And like I explained before I am not able for such payments Same day I review my e-mail and received the attempt to collect letter with the words in bold **Personal and Confidential** before my name then Why he shared information about the debt with my supervisor ignoring the personal and confidential information?

I need help dealing with the Agency Manager and try to set up a realistic payment plan, paying the debt without paying a high interest rate.

Please give me advice before this affect my health and my job.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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