Improper contact or sharing of info

I was harassed Multiple times by the company. when i was told different amounts a year apart. The company account manager said, they had no way to verify the amount that i was previously told, and could not look up the records of the person that i had set payment arrangement up with. the prior YEAR I set up payment arrangement for a debt, for the the spring of XXXX. I was told the amount owed over the phone. I set up arrangements for the payment. During a move my partial payment was declined. and i was unaware. i was then contacted over the phone in XXXX, For the first time since the payment declined. when i was questioned by the new account manager as to the payment, he again confirmed the same amount of money the previous person had, after i told him i could n’t make a payment that day he and asked if im looking for a job to pay my debt.

At that point in the conversation i asked him to talk to a supervisor to handle my case. He refused. and told me he was the only XXXX i could talk to. i offered to pay him XXXX at the XXXX of the next coming month and he asked me for XXXX right there. I told him i was not able to do so. and he continued w harassing me. i told him a second time i wanted to speak to someone else in the office, from now on to pay my debt. he refused and hung up. I called their main office the next day, asking to speak to some one other than the current case manager, and they sent me to him anyway. I hung up. I then received a letter in the mail that was sent and written after our conversation, that stated the attempt to reach me, was unsuccessful. NOT TRUE. So i then received another phone call from this person. I asked him to verify why i owed the amount. The account manager was not making any sense as to why i would owe a certain amount of money, when i had already paid most of the amount. After asking again to speak to someone else, Eventually he transferred me to a manger, i spoke with her. And she was very rude and unprofessional as well. XXXX was asking her for clarification, and for the first time a different larger amount was owed from the original first phone conversation in XXXX. After i told the amount i had been ” quoted ” 2 times She told me she was not able to see the past information of XXXX, other, than what my payments were set up for. I do n’t trust this company. I move around a lot due to military. and i was unaware that the amount had declined. it took the company another year to call my phone. Same number and address that i can contacted them with for the spring of XXXX the company has said they have record of sending multiple letters. those letters had never been received or verified. if a person calls you to set up payments, that means they are trying to pay off their debt. they should n’t be talked to, The way i was spoken to. I was misunderstanding the reason that they had the numbers that they did. the person i spoke with said this is what we have showing for the account. a Due to them not having their access to phone records previously made. i was told a different amount, and then a year later i was told i owed the same number total. and i was told 2 times the amount was less than what they keep asking for. the way they handle their business is unacceptable. People do n’t have a right to degrade others. Debt collectors do n’t have a right to speak to others, the way i was spoken to. Im trying to figure this out, and have so many miscommunication., But you do not ask a person if they are ” even looking for a job ” I move every 18 months for military and some times i do n’t have an address to give. I give them my parents home address. And they pushed me to tell them where i was, i told them to correspond w me through that address and number. bottom line. This company needs to get better people skills!

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