Improper contact or sharing of info

XX/XX/XXXX purchased laptop from ” XXXX ” on account. I lost my job and XXXX. Who Knew … When it rains it pours. It was a recession. I did not see it coming. I was unable to pay any bills including my mortgage and utilities. The account went into delinquency and later turned over to webbank to collect. XX/XX/XXXX the account was sold to attorney ” Buchan and Hosto ” in XXXX Arkansas. Thats when all hell began. I returned to work and of course after being unemployed for over a year, and working now for less money, I still am in hardship. ” Buchan and Hosto ” harrassed and threatened for over a year. They taxed and added on astronamical fees to the actual cost. They finally got a court order to garnish my salary. I forwarded a letter to the judge explaining my financial situation and hardship. I beg for mercy from the court. I explained the numerous medical bills I know have and the need to heal in order to work. My ” little ” salary was garnished. For 4 months 30 % of my salary was taken and given to ” Buchan & Hosto ”. A month after said amount was satisfied, my salary was AGAIN garnished from ” Buchan & Hosto ” for additional accumulated interest fees. 7 years from XX/XX/XXXX, I am sure this account has been written off. ” XXXX ” has received a credit from the government in taxes for debts annually. Where is the statue of limitations? Why do we as consumers must be punished over and over and over for the same purchase? We suffer the credit bureau as is. Then the attorneys go on a blood thirsty hunt to take your money. No matter what. If, I had not started to work and depended on the state or government to support me ; the govt would not pay any debts especially for a computer. I feel my medical bills are more important than a credit account. Double standards! The government has limits but the consumer ” it ‘s open game ”. Garnishments from salary should not be a free for all debt collectors. I think the judge, never even read my letter or maybe they all work togeather. This is unfair. The consumer should have more protection. I only thank ” XXXX ” I did not lose my home and was not put to the streets.

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