Improper contact or sharing of info

This lady ” XXXX ” from precise financial group called my employer while I was working asking for me & being extremely rude and disrespectful to the person answering the phone. I work in XXXX so they have to ask questions of who is calling due to confidentiality of patients. She then got a hold of me & was being threatening, rude, talking over me, after I said several times do not talk this way you are being unprofessional and not talking like a grown lady. I then said this is my XXXX time asking you to NOT CALL MY JOB, we went back & forth I told her to give me payment options and she was rude an said the amount she needed to collect, she also asked when can I make a payment I said XX/XX/XXXX & she said NO I CAN NOT WAIT THAT LONG YOU HAVE HAD LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE A PAYMENT I NEED A PAYMENT NOW I then said you don ; t know my finances and what I pay I ca n’t make a payment today!

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