Improper contact or sharing of info

I didnt know which to select above but basically, XXXX was sending me immense phone bills, i was in and out of hospital for several months due to illness and operations where I missed payments, XXXX were kept informed of my situation and made aware of payments going to be delayed and then there was a point where I came out of hospital asked what was owed in total and I paid the whole amount off and purchased an upgrade within 2 days of the new phone they cut me off and sent me a phone bill for hundreds yet again just 2 days after paying the whole debt! I asked them to provide me with proof of the usage which they did not for 3 years I tried several times to obtain this and even made offers to pay which were refused, just to get rid off them. The bill was in dispute and i withdrew my consent for them to have my data or continue as they kept breaching what was agreed, they then recently sent me the statements but made it clear that they no longer have any debt owed from me and that they require no contact with me this was because they had sent my data to a credit agency which has marked my credit file and refuse to remove themselves and have threatend to continue to harass me despite my attempts to get them to leave me alone and remove it, it has prevented me from many things as this is the only negative thing on my report and has caused me great distress. I have no contract with the debt collectors nor do I owe them a penny, and withdrew any consent for data to be held they have tried to use vodafones terms and conditions stating they can as per my terms, in the act of laws if a contract is disputed the original terms are null and void therefore the debt collectors shouldnt even hold my data in the first place let alone threaten to continue to XXXX me for debt, they were made aware of this dispute with vodafone and told that the terms are disputed and they were not aloud to access my data, but chose to ignore it and continue to obtain data from vodafone to XXXX me for money. XXXX are not my issue now, they have stated they will never contact me again, but PRA ( portfolio group ) refuse all attempts made and state they will XXXX me for debt, they can have my data and i do owe them money, all of those are incorrect, I dont even have a contact with XXXX never mind PRA, unless they can prove my agreement to their terms and show me a contract between myself and them I wish for them to remove from my credit file and leave me alone this is all I wish for. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can help me. Regards

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