Improper contact or sharing of info

I was never told directly about this bill that I ” owe, ” but instead I found out about the bill when I accessed my credit report. I contacted the Lansing Professional Business Bureau, which is what was indicated on my credit report and they told me that it was ” too late ” to send them my XXXX insurance. I have XXXX insurances for this exact reason! When I initially when to the hospital they only took the XXXX insurance card although I handed them XXXX. Then when I call to still give them my secondary insurance, they told me that I could no longer submit it because it was sent to collections. I am never supposed to pay {$500.00} out of pocket for medical bills with both insurances working together. I would like to dispute this medical bill because 1 ) I was never directly informed of the bill 2 ) they informed a debt collector before informing me 3 ) they told me that I could not submit my insurance again, even though I submitted it to them in the first place 4 ) I disputed the medical bill and they did not reach me within the 30 days 5 ) I have called and called and each time I was informed that ” nobody could do anything for me. ”

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