Improper contact or sharing of info

I had my son ‘s lab work done in XXXX XXXX in XXXX XXXX, MI. I intended to pay on spot, but they did n’t take the payment since it was near the closing time. Today I received a letter from Law Offices of Donald R. Conrad in XXXX MI that XXXX reported me to them for collection. I see that in the address my apartment number is wrong!

Now I realize the clerk at XXXX must have entered the wrong apartment number. Since I did n’t get any paperwork on that day, I was not aware of the mistake. They sent the bill to the wrong address and without even giving me a call, they sent it to the collection agency. And it is just {$45.00}! There are so many bills I need to pay, I rely on the service companies to send me bills and I pay them on time.

I called the lawyer office, it goes to a voicemail, telling me to leave a message. But the prompt keep repeating and does not take any message. I then went their online payment system and made the payment.

XXXX first entered a wrong address for me, did n’t call me i.e., they did n’t utilize all contact information I gave them, and then sent just {$45.00} for collection. It is a very aggressive and unfair treatment to their customer. It was not the first time we went there, and we paid dues in time all the other instances. I am really worried they are going to cause a dent in my credit history through their atrocious act. Not to mention they shared my information with a third party in the process.

The Law Offices of Donald R. Conrad also did not bother to contact me via other means. And they set up a faulty telephone system where you are prompted to leave a voicemail and no voicemail is taken.

XXXX these offices lack commonsense that a clerk may enter a wrong address and they should try other methods of contacts first. What if I missed this letter too? I see someone corrected the account number by hand this time.

Also XXXX has a faulty system where they have to take information in every service point. We went there several times. Had they have a central system for contact information, I did n’t have to deal with this. They could pull my information and verify with me.

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