Improper contact or sharing of info

This agressive collection agency is reporting false dates and information to XXXX relating to a {$170.00} Medical bill and claiming to be the original creditor, I have ask them several times for documentation relating to services rendered, I never recieved any services from original Hospital, they refuse to listen and have been very rude to me and called me a liar, I have recently sent a demand letter to the Hospital, XXXX and this agressive collection agency. Phoenix Financial Services LLC XXXX, IN. XXXX I have also had to send them a Cease and Desist letter for harassing me, they are reporting a five year old account as if it was a new account and late as of XX/XX/2017, they told me if I did not pay that they would cause me problems, I was able to remove it from XXXX and XXXX and still trying to get XXXX to fix the problem, I consider this harassment and would like to file official complaint, they are trying to ruin my credit. Thank you!

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