Improper contact or sharing of info

I got an installment loan from XXXX loans in XXXX XXXX. I began making payments to the company, but, after my husband was hospitalized, I had a income declination and was unable to fulfill my debt. I emailed the company in XXXX or XXXX asking them to offer me a settlement amount. I went to my bank to get the matter resolved. I received no contact from the company. However, in XXXX XXXX, I received a call at work from a company called the XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX XXXX ) stating that they had the account. I asked him to NEVER call me at work again. We set up arrangements on the account and I told them that I could send the payment via money order, but, he insisted that I give him a debit/credit card number. After tirelessly arguing with him about not having a card, I discovered that I did have an old debit card from school. I told him that I would have to go to the school to load the card … I was unable to do so because the school was on XXXX break. I informed him of that. A day later, he found a cousin-in-law via Internet and called him regarding my debt. Then, on XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX XXXX, he located my mother-in-law and did the same thing, He held a conversation with her and left a message on her cell phone on another occasion. I have never listed either of the XXXX people contacted on any application that I completed. I am not sure where they got each cell phone number from, but, the XXXX XXXX XXXX has found a way and they have been constantly calling and harassing my mother-in-law. I am wondering if there is something that can be done about this matter. The company has all of my contact information, there is no excuse. Also, the day that XXXX XXXX called me at work, I called him from my daughter ‘s cell phone when I got off from work. He asked me if it were ok for him to call me at that number ( must have shown up on caller-id ), I told him NO! I said this is my daughter ‘s phone. Nevertheless, he called a few times and left a message on her phone on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX.

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