Improper contact or sharing of info

I have had several loans with this company, they sometimes send me a check in the mail. I have cashed before with no problems. This last time I cashed a check, the company called my number I listed on the check but I was at work and unable to answer. I have had my home phone disconnected since the last time I had a loan with them. I did n’t even have the opportunity to call them back and I received a message from my sister in law saying she had received a call from this company. My loan is not due until XX/XX/XXXX, this call was made on XX/XX/XXXX. I called them back and the guy tried to make out like I had that number listed as my home number which is a flat out lie! I work finance also so I know the fdcpa laws and references are not to be contacted especially if loan is not past due. I have never been late on my loan. This is unfair debt practices and something needs to be done.

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