Improper contact or sharing of info

This collector XXXX contacted my friend off of my XXXX! He was my old boss … I Do not work anymore and i had his old info on my XXXX. He told me they called once before and said they were a debt collector .. They called him again and i was visiting. Ironic. So they stalked my XXXX and called my friend to contact me. Not only did they Embaress me, but she talked down to me, yelled at me and was down right demeaning! I have NEVER been talked to like that before. Like i was just scum. I didnt even get a chance to ask what the debt was for before she started yelling at me. I dont know what kind of business is aloud to treat people that way!! If she wanted money, that is most definitely not the way to go about it. To threaten, yell and intimidate and harass. Its awful!

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