Improper contact or sharing of info

I am currently 12 days past due on my car payment. The day my car payment was due I called from a co-worker ‘s phone to advise my finance company of the exact date I would be able to pay. ( exactly 13 days from my due date ) I clearly informed my finance company that I was contacting them to keep them informed and I had no previous due balances. I informed them that I was letting them know so that no collection attempts were made. They are repeatedly calling my coworker, friends, and family to try to collect my car payment, and the day that I promised to pay has n’t lapsed. Yesterday they called my coworker back to back 5 times in a row until she answered the phone and informed them to not contact her again otherwise she will press charges for harassment. They are embarrassing me to all of my friends and family and I ‘m currently only 12 days late on my payment. This has also happened in the past when I needed to pay late. I ‘ve never paid my bill later than 14 days past due. This is clearly harassment. They will text if no one answers the phone even after I ‘ve requested to never be communicated via text. They are claiming to my friends and family that I have not communicated to them when I ‘m going to pay, and they are stating that they are just trying to help me, however there is no help that they could give. I have asked to be switched to a monthly payment instead of a payment every 2 weeks, which would be helpful, however they are unwilling to do so. I am still planning on making my payment as promised however they will not cease with the embarrassing phone calls to my friends and family. I have requested that they never call my friends and family again in the past due to their embarrassing and harassing behavior and they continue to do so if I ‘m ever late for a payment. I would understand the calling if I were months and months behind however they do this starting 3 days after payment is due whether I contact them or not. This can not be legal!

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