Improper contact or sharing of info

A rep named XXXX XXXX from National Credit Adjusters violated FDCPA subsection 806 harassment or abuse and subsection 808 unfair practices when he called my home phone, mobile phone and then my employer. I work from home and I was working, even our receptionist asked to take a message from him and he declined asking for my supervisor. Prior to him calling my job I did answer the home phone when XXXX XXXX would not tell me where he was calling from or why I asked him to then call back and leave a message. He refused to do that and proceeded to call all my other numbers. This message went to my CEO! I do n’t even know whether this is a valid debt and now my CEO has been bothered by this company!

I sought legal counsel and was told about the federal violation and so I called the company back to alert them that XXXX XXXX acted illegally on their behalf. I was transferred around and do not believe my complaint was taken seriously by them. I told them. I stated that I do not authorize them to contact my employer and any further contact is a violation of federal law ( fdcpa ). Also stated that there is no legal reason for them to use skip tracing tactics when they are aware of my true contact information. Any additional contact to any third party concerning this alleged debt is a violation of the fdcpa. I also just finished alerting the WI State Attorney General.

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