Improper contact or sharing of info

I owed approximately XXXX dollars. While I was waiting for XXXX to be ok ‘d, ( 2006 ) the first debt collector ( I do n’t remember the name ) started to call me everyday, even on the weekend. I kept telling the person ( XXXX ) that I expected money in about two weeks and told him after several calls that I was going to receive XXXX for XXXX and XXXX. He started acting upset and said. oh no! He hung up and called our police dept and told them I had threatened to kill myself. The police called my home and my sister had to verify I was ok. A supervisor called me and tried to set up payment and I told them about XXXX XXXX actions. They told me they had fired him for those kind of tactics. I told them I would not pay the debt, instead of suing them, and they stop calling. A year later another debt collector XXXX started to call and harass me for the money, I told them the story of the other collector, and they bought a bad debt. I did not here from them until recently. Now they are calling me every week day sometimes twice a day. They continue to report this debt to credit agencies. The original debt is from 2006, I now receive XXXX and can not pay and feel I have been wronged and harassed. I ‘m done. They have not sent any written communication, just keep calling after10 years. hopefully you can give me direction. Thank you.

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