Improper contact or sharing of info

To whom it may concern ; Disclaimer : This messaged is relayed to you in the best of my ability. This is not word for word. Bold and underlined are concerning. Regular font is background information leading up to concerns.

I received a phone call on XXXX XXXX, 2017 at XXXX from XXXX.
XXXX : ” Hello, this is XXXX XXXX with the Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland Inc.
calling on a recorded line may I please speak to XXXX XXXX? ” Me : ” Yes, this is her. What is this about? ” XXXX : ” It looks like you owe damages to a property belonging to XXXX in the amount of ( {$3600.00} ) XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX dollars and XXXX XXXX cents. ” Me : ” Um, what? In what type of damages? ” XXXX : ” Well, it does n’t tell me exactly what damages but you were sent over to collections by them for these damages. ” Me : ” Okay, can you please give me a second real quick? I ‘m going to call them and see what in the heck they are charging me for. ” XXXX : ” Sure! Go ahead! I ‘m not scheduled for a lunch until XXXX so anytime before then! ” Me : ” Okay! Thank you so much! I ‘ll talk to you soon! Bye-Bye! ” XXXX : ” Bye. ” ***I Call XXXX*** I had personal things to do so I forgot to call XXXX back.
I receive a phone call at unknown time on XXXX XXXX, 2017 Me : ” Hello, this is XXXX. ” XXXX : ” Hello XXXX this is XXXX XXXX with the Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland Inc. calling on a recorded line. ” Me : ” Oh shoot! Yes! I forgot I got busy doing some stuff. ” XXXX : ” That ‘s no problem! Did you find out all the information you needed? ” Me : Yes i did. You know they are charging me for — — — — — — — – ” XXXX : Well, I am just collections so I just work with you to set up a payment plan. ” Me : ” Oh. So, i ‘m sorry iv’e never dealt with collections so if i wanted to take this to court could I? ” XXXX : ” Yeah, I mean it sounds to me like you have a pretty strong civil case so yeah if you feel like it needs to be addressed in court you definitely seem like you have a strong civil case. ” Me : Okay, yeah cause i ‘m kind of nervous I do n’t have {$3600.00} to pay! ” XXXX : ” No worries that ‘s why I called so I can set up a payment plan with you. ” Me : ” Okay so what happens if I do n’t set up a payment plan with you? ” XXXX : ” Well then we have the ability to freeze your accounts. ” Me : ” Oh no. I need to pay my bills!. ” XXXX : ” Yes so do you have a checking account or a card number? ” ***Discusses payment plan and how much per month. I give her my Card information and say goodbye*** ***Talked to some higher up people*** I called the Collections agency back by the number XXXX on XXXX XXXX, 2017 at XXXX. The receptionist answered the phone and transferred me to XXXX XXXX.
XXXX : Hello, this is XXXX.
Me : Hey XXXX I spoke to my lawyer and I want to cancel my payment plan because I should n’t be paying into something that I have n’t done.
XXXX : Well you ca n’t cancel your payment once you are locked in a payment plan you can not cancel and if you refuse to pay we will sue you.
***I hang up because I was so upset*** This conversation was so hard for me to handle because I have never dealt with collections and iv’e never really been threatened especially to do with money. This XXXX lady had me crying because I was so upset that I would n’t be able to make those payments in that amount of time or end up coming up with a settlement. I feel like if I was getting robbed by someone I did n’t even meet in person or see in person. I have never been threatened in my life so I feel really scared and afraid that if i ‘m not able to make a payment then i will get sued. I really would like to see a resolution out of this event. I do not appreciate the attitude from this XXXX and I do not appreciate being threatened over the phone from someone who does n’t even know me or my situation.

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