Improper contact or sharing of info

one day as I tried to buy a home for me and my family the company I ‘m dealing with get the home informed me that I have a medical bill in collection that I have to take care I did research and this and it came out to be when I had my daughter, I was sure I had medial coverage I called XXXX to get conformation that I did have XXXX during this time. I also made contact with women specialist witch i then started asking why i was been billed they then read to me a address they had incorrectly. a few phone calls and a schedule hearing to get a coverage letter saying I had medical coverage at this time. then I was told by XXXX to call he collection agency and let them know that I have a paper saying I have coverage and to XXXX them over the proof. so I did so I was then told to called the company that billed me and asked then to re bill me so Medicaid can cover this. then the women specialist sent me a paper bill instead of re-billing there for I went completely around again making phone calls to the Medicaid collections women specialist finally a couple weeks in I talk to a manger at women ‘s specialist who then said they can not help me because it would be just time filling and they could n’t do anything about it I then told them this was not my fault and they had the wrong address they said this address they had they got it from the hospital I then asked if they had the address why could n’t they get the XXXX information also. these people where not from my request the hospital called them in to help not me!

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