Improper contact or sharing of info

I have been receiving relentless phone calls from Credit Corp Solutions ( XXXX XXXX XXXX # XXXX, XXXX XXXX, CA XXXX, ( XXXX ) XXXX ) over a XXXX XXXX balance of approximately XXXX. Today they called my ex-husband trying to get information from him about me. we have been divorced since 2002! After I accumulated this debt, I was laid off from my job and took a loss of XXXX per year which significantly lowered my ability to pay as much on my bill as before. I continued to pay XXXX per month ( which is what I could afford at the time ) after my lay off and decrease in income. They started to continuously call me, up to 5 times per day, and tell me to pay more. I responded to their phone calls and told them that the most I could afford to pay on this bill was XXXX per month. They rejected this proposal and refused to negotiate. I then told them that I could not agree to pay more. I did research this type of situation and it is more harmful for me to make small payments without an agreement as it still was been reported to the credit bureaus even with the small payments I had been making all along. I do not want them to call me, my ex-husband or any of my family over this. I would still agree to the XXXX if they would agree to stop making reports to the credit bureaus but they refused to agree to what I could afford to pay.

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