Improper contact or sharing of info

My debt situation is here with Apex Finance here in XXXX, Ga., I do admit I ‘ve fallen behind in payments due to a financial crisis in the last year do to lack of income and divorce proceedings. When I got the loan my soon to be ex-husband abandoned us leaving debt which I had to cover and open up utilities in my yet pay his off before doing so on limited income. Therefore leaving me no choice but to apply for hardship with Apex Finance where my payments went from {$75.00} a month to half the amount being {$37.00} to be paid on the XXXX of each month. Yesterday on XXXX an agent approached my door that afternoon to collect unannounced and said she was sent by her boss XXXX to get a payment. I live in a XXXXwhere XXXX is vacant therefore she preceded to ask if I were moving. No response. Than she said while looking back I saw the for rent sign there still no response, cause I ‘m thinking why would that concern you you ‘re here to collect. So she told eventually she came for a payment. I said I ‘ll call and talk to XXXX about my situation, that was n’t enough so she offered her phone so O could tak in front of her, ( harassment with no respect or privacy ). Once the cal was proceeded another agent answered, she handed me her phone she ‘s come to my house very unprofessional and very loud spoken where she intentionally would disturb the neighbors. In all this, the conversation she began asking where did my money go I just got this month? To go back, I ‘m the overseer for my son ‘s XXXX okay? At that time she put her boss ( XXXX ) on the whom I already asked to speak with in the beginning.Things went sour from therefore he went unprofessional, ghetto, dominant, threats of coming to get some collateral you name it. Spoke of threatening to take my hardship away and give to someone else because he felt like I was abusing it. He said I know you have plenty because you ‘re divorced, and a son ( my ex have no kids together ) how do you pay your other bills?, Cable is not a necessity but I know you have it! My response ” no I do not. Then he proceeded to say, well where ‘s my property? If you do n’t come in and pay me Friday I will personally come get it and sell it in my office! Do whatever you can to get me my money by that day! I ‘m tired of sending my agents to you, it ‘s costing me and my company money for mileage just do what I told you! I told him he ‘s in my personal business, this is suppose to be strictly about business. Why are you so aggressive in speaking to me like this? He said because I told him he ‘s getting too personal. I then said I ‘m not your child nor are you my slaverowner and do n’t address me in that matter again, have a nice day. Then handed her phone back.

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