Improper contact or sharing of info

I have a personal loan with One Main Financial in the XXXX, NJ location. I have asked them in the past ( request sent and verbalized to XXXX at the XXXX, NJ location in XX/XX/XXXX to refrain from calling me at work as I can not receive personal calls ). During this time XXXX assured me my work number had been removed from the account and I ‘d no longer be contacted. Recently I missed my XXXX XXXX XXXX payment and informed XXXX and XXXX with One Main Financial that I would be out of work on temporary XXXX XX/XX/XXXX. XXXX stated he would notate my account. Yesterday XXXX called my cell phone from XXXX. She called my work # from the same phone number mentioned but did n’t say anything. And then placed another call to my work number again leaving another message. I called XXXX back after being notified by my coworker a bill collector named XXXX called from One Main Financial. I was also forwarded the voicemail. I called XXXX with my husband on the line. I asked why did she call my work number when XXXX was informed in XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX to remove my work number. She replied, I just left a message stating her name and number. I told that was not true that she did mention the name of the company and this is how it was confirmed as a personal matter – not work related. XXXX replied, oh yes I did call but I do n’t see where your work number was removed/flagged. After discussing the status XXXX said there was a flag on my account but it was done incorrectly. I explained XXXX was previously notified of this and my simple request was not being adhered to and it ‘s off putting. I explained to XXXX XXXX did n’t have any money to make a payment as I ‘m waiting for my XXXX payments. She stated she needed a payment because I had to be out of work for 30 days and not eligible for the insurance I pay for instances such as mine- temporary XXXX. She also stated she did n’t want this to go into another month because she did n’t want to go into what will happen. I felt threatened and even more XXXX while trying to recover from XXXX. I explained I would be out of work for a minimum of 8-10 weeks. Said she would make some paperwork out to me but I needed to pay at least {$260.00}. I have XXXX XXXX medical conditions and do not need additional XXXX. I was embarrassed as now my personal business has been exposed by this happening. It truly needs to stop!

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