Improper contact or sharing of info

I am on XXXX, and have low income. I am trying to pay off any debts I have, but I am ill, and have many bills. But my complaint is about a judgment re : XXXX bills and Ray Klein aka Professional Credit Service. Here is summary : I had a medical bill that was going to drop off my credit this month of XXXX XXXX. I had a utility bill that I did not even know I had until the debt collector started harrassment, but it was due also to drop off my credit this month after 7 years. A third bill, was a phone bill that had not contacted me in years. I believe since XXXX. I had not looked at my credit report for at least 6 months due to illness and other issues. Then suddenly, I start getting a lot of activity.

First, back in XXXX or XXXX of XXXX, not sure, I was staying temporarily with a man who was my roommate in XXXX Oregon. He is NOT MY SPOUSE OR DOMESTIC PARTNER. I was NOT THERE AT THE TIME, AND HE HAS A XXXX. He started getting calls on his cell phone.

He got phone calls from several different phone numbers, starting with XXXX, XXXX etc. One of the numbers was? XXXX, and XXXX. There was a woman on the phone, who called him, and was yelling, abusive in her tone and asking if he knew me, XXXX XXXX. Asking if I lived there, and telling him I owed a debt, and that I would be taken to court etc, and other scary things said to him, if I did not respond. ( The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act -FDCPA- ) restricts debt collectors in engaging in contacting a person other than the spouse and talking about the debt of the person who they imply owes the debt. The caller called over and over again, and when asked who is this, she said ” XXXX XXXX ” and that they represented a legal firm. He initially said ” I am not the person you are looking for ” and hung up as she was yelling and abusive, and he said ” do not call me again, you need to contact XXXX XXXX. ” ( I was not there at the time but he told me this later and I told him after looking it up that XXXX XXXX had been affilliated with threatening many people, and there blogs and forums about this name, and also the name mentioned was Ray Klein. Ray Klein is on XXXX, XXXX, and others. XXXX said to my roommate per his report to me that they made at least 10 harrassing calls, said they represented Ray Klein, and wanted to know where I get mail, and if he could get mail to me. He felt harrassed, and told them yes. A month or so later, someone else came to the door, and I was NOT THERE, as I was homeless, and staying on his couch part time, but getting mail there. They handed him a group of papers, with information about Ray Klein, and Small Claims Court, and the XXXX bills mentioned above, along with a large dollar amount different than what I owed. Per the FDCPA, they are not allowed to intimidate into paying, and I later received in the mail, paperwork, that looked like I had to go to court, and looked like a Lien was placed, as well as the fact that I now have a judgement on my credit. Please investigate, I am on a library computer, have 8 minutes, but after initial contact with ME, not a roommate, per FDCPA, the debt collector has only 5 days to respond with information about the original creditors, and I never got a chance. Now there is a judgement! It lowered my credit and can affect my life, and housing! I see he has done this to many people, and I was not even sure he was the real person to whom the debt was owed plus XXXX of the debts were going to drop off this month! I want to know how the timing of this occurred, I personally was NOT SERVED, it was done wrong. The inquiries to my roommate can only be about my address. Also, the third party ( my roommate ) can only be contacted ONE TIME by the debt collector. There were many violations under FDCPA. Please help.

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