Improper contact or sharing of info

I had recently agreed with XXXX to a payment deal on my student loanl, and had already begun paying the amount agreed upon. They assured the agreement was settled and nothing could void it. They also collected the payments I had submitted. When I went to pay this month, I could no longer login on the internet to pay through the account number they had given me. When I called to pay by phone, they had told me that Navient took my debt back and sold it to another debt collector. I asked how that could be, and the man could not answer me.

When I called Navient they said XXXX had never disclosed to them about my payment plan. When I called back XXXX, they blamed Navient and said they had told Navient about my payment plan and Navient still voided it. When I asked XXXX if Navient and them are the same organization, they said no. Thus, why did Navient take my payment plan away from XXXX, if they are not XXXX entity? No response. When I asked if Navient had the authority to do that, he curtly said no. When I asked if XXXX could fix it, he told me only Navient could, which is why I called Navient again, whom said only XXXX could. I continued to ask either party whether they were connected or under the same organization, they both denied the other, but Navient could take away my student debt payment plan after I had agreed with XXXX. It made no sense, and neither party wished to make things clearer for me because both admitted a mistake had been committed but it was ” the other ‘s fault ”. Moreover, all the money I had given to XXXX in monthly payments has vanished as not XXXX person has told me where that money has gone or if it went towards my debt. No one was helping me undo a mistake they both had admitted to have been done.

I have called both Navient and XXXX, a few times, to try and figure what is happening and if they can help me, but, so as to not accept the wrong that has occurred, their customer service has grown meaner by each call. The first time I called each one apologized for the mix-up and blamed the other. When XXXX told me to call back because they would try to speak to Navient to fix the issue or see what they could, the man began to speak aggressively towards me and tried to deny everything he had said previously, in terms of claiming, that Navient was not supposed to cancel my payment plan from XXXX : a supposedly separate debt collection agency.Yet, he admitted that he had reported the mistake to Navient as a managerial complaint, but Navient was ignoring him. Now, I have a third debt collection agency calling me about the same debt.

I feel insecure, unsafe, and incredibly distressed by the fact that XXXX debt collection agencies are fighting over my single debt that I began to pay, and no one can undo the supposed ” mistake ” of cancelling my XXXX payment plan and taking the money I paid without even reimbursing me. I would like my payment plan back, and no one at XXXX, Navient, or the XXXX collector has a clue how to help me, yet they all want me to pay on the same debt. Yet, I WAS! Each one has no idea how to proceed in this issue, and I am terrified that Navient will take my debt from anyone after a few months pay, and that money will disappear, as it currently has, and I am stuck in limbo trying to figure out what is my payment deal going forward. It is absolutely devastating to feel like your economic load might be lightening, and you have gotten ahead on paying your debts, only to be misled and treated like trash by now XXXX debt collection companies. I repeat because of Navient, with the assistance of XXXX, I have a total of XXXX debt collection agencies on me for the same student loan I was paying, and that money has not been reimbursed nor will anyone say if it has gone toward my debt. Sad, helpless, and anxious is how I feel because of how cruelly I have been spoken to, my missing money, and the lies.

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