Incorrect information on your report

This XXXX XXXX account was not opened by me and once discovered on my credit report I tried to contact them to advise this account was n’t opened by me and I never received any products from them. By the time this account was discovered it was already past due and have negative information reporting to the credit bureaus. I contacted XXXX XXXX to try to resolve this issue and was told since the account was already with a collection agency there was nothing they can do and they provided the third party collection agency number whom I contacted to explain the situation. I advised the collection agency that this account was not opened by me and I have no knowledge of it. I was told to settle the account and they will have it removed from all XXXX credit reporting agency ‘s and report the information back to XXXX XXXX directly. I was skeptical however that ‘s what I did. However now the account is showing as paid/closed with late payments which is having an negative impact on my credit. I was given incorrect information from XXXX XXXX as well as the third party collection agency. The collection agency never reported anything to XXXX XXXX , not even the payment. The account was recently updated after filing a complaint to ” Paid/Closed ”. I have been trying to get this issue resolved for over a year now and any help regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. After realizing that the third party collection agency coerced me into making a payment without really resolving the issue I contacted XXXX XXXX directly and was told I should not have made a payment that I needed to fill out a fraud affidavit form however its too late to do that due to me making a payment to resolve the account. I tried to work with XXXX XXXX to resolve this issue however I have been unsuccessful in doing so. I also requested that XXXX XXXX provide any signed contract documents proving this account was opened by me which I have not received, in doing this XXXX XXXX has violate the FCRA. I have also submitted request to all XXXX credit reporting agency ‘s for verification ( signed documents ) of debt which XXXX XXXX did not provide to XXXX , Transunion or XXXX nor myself … however its still reporting on all XXXX of my credit reports by doing this the credit reporting agency ‘s have violated the FCRA. I have made several attempts with the credit reporting agency ‘s and XXXX XXXX to resolve this issue with no resolution from either parties. This is the ONLY negative account reporting on my credit reports and I will peruse this issue until it has been resolved. Thank You

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