Incorrect information on your report

Many times, I have contacted Experian Information Solutions, INC in regards to some allege debt that has been reporting on my credit report as derogatory or negat ive items. I request on many occasion that this credit bureau validate the allege debts, but I have never receive any evidence of verified debt from original source. The credit bureau is supposed to request verifiable proof not partially but in whole according to federal law. The law requires the bureau to only report the negative item if they have XXXX percent verifiable proof in regards to the negative item that they are reporting. The credit bureau is supposed to get the original contract along with other documents from the original creditors and within 30 days provide the information to me. Experian is reporting a XXXX XXXX XXXX account on my credit report that belongs to someone with a similar name. I have sent the proof that the account was in someone else name to Experian, yet Experian fail to investigation this and fail to remove this fraudulent imformation from my credit report. I have valid proof that the account belong to someone else. Also Experian is reporting a XXXX XXXX , negative items or derogatory items on my credit report. Also the XXXX Collections is not refecting accurate information. I sent a notarized letter via XXXX tracking to Experian to have these negative information investigated, but Experian fail to properly investigate these issue. I also sent proof that the XXXX XXXX XXXX acc ount is not mines, but Experian response by stating that they are not investigating this. How can Experian fail to investigate an issue where an account does not belong to me, and I sent valid proof of this? The other XXXX credit bureaus XXXX and XXXX have acknowledged that this alleges XXXX XXXX XXXX account does not belong to me, and they have deleted it from my credit report. Experian fail to provide me with require information that these allege debt are XXXX percent accurate, Experian is still reporting these negative information on my credit report. Also I have received letters from XXXX XXXX stating that they ca n’t validate the allege debt, but yet Experian is stating that they verfied this, and this negative item is still being reported on my credit files. Experian needs to provide legitimate validation and fulfill their legal obligation by investigating the disputes. Experian is supposed to exercise their responsibility with fairness, impartiality and respect for all consumers. Experian never state how these allege debt was verified, whether by mail, by email, by fax, or by telephone. Experian is violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Fair Debt Reporting Act, and other federal consumer protection laws. Verifiable proof not partially but in whole is required by federal law, and negative items are only supposed to be reported when you have XXXX percent verifiable proof. Now Experian continue to report negative items on my credit report and fail to provide me with XXXX percent accurate, legitimate validation of allege negatives that they are reporting on my credit.

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