Keeping In Touch with Your Organization


Sometimes in the heat of the battle it can become easy to forget about the front line soldiers. Working in the war room, planning strategy and taking on all of the big picture obligations can make it easy to forget about the folks that are in the trenches. Your down line members are out getting the job done, they’re working the system. You should get in touch.

When was the last time you sent an email to all of the folks in your business? And how long was it before that? Good communication is the key to any successful group endeavor. With the technology today there is no excuse for not communicating.

If you have not taken the time to set up your email contacts for your down line group, head on over to your email program and do it right now. It’s ok. I’ll wait.

There. That’s better. Now that you have all of your folks organized go ahead and put together that long overdue email thanking them for their participation. If there is any one or two people in the group who have contributed greatly in terms of expansion, give them a little extra love in front of their peers in the organization. Positive feedback is a wonderful motivator, especially if it is heartfelt and sincere.

With that first email sent, set up whatever kind of reminder system works best for you and send out an email at least once a week. Recap any newsworthy events, provide statistics about growth, anything that will help folks connect. Encourage feedback and tips from your down line. Ask them for success stories from their week.

Communication with the hard working members of your business is easy, and a necessary component of healthy growth. Try staying in touch, you’ll be amazed at the results.

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