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To Whom It May Concern : I have lived in the XXXX County area for 24 years and want to spend my retirement years in my XXXX XXXX XXXX. I have always been heavily involved in community service, the last time being when I helped XXXX Link ( a non-profit organization ) market to people with XXXX that need help.

I worked for XXXX XXXX for 10 years and then transitioned into marketing in XXXX. I was doing fine until my hardship hit in XXXX. My XXXX began to fail prior to XXXX, and after struggling for quite a while on the job I was finally forced to retire after my first XXXX in XXXX. After XXXX more XXXX ( the last in XXXX of this year ), I am now considered XXXX and on permanent XXXX. And on top of the fact that I could n’t work anymore, I also had the cost of my prescriptions skyrocket as well. All of this caused me to fall behind on my mortgage payments.

Unfortunately, I may be forced out of my home by my current lender ( Greentree XXXX since lately they have not been willing to work with me to retain my home. The only communication I have had with them is how much I owe on my mortgage and how to pay them. They have no interest in helping me and it appears as though they just want to take my home away via foreclosure. I have tried to obtain an affordable loan payment, but the assistance I have been offered has been minimal.

Since XXXX, I ‘ve been trying to get Greentree to modify my loan. I even tried with the help of other agencies including the XXXX. After dealing with Greentree on my behalf, all of these agencies trying to help me said it was ” ridiculous ” how poorly Greentree was treating me. Every call made to Greentree resulted in having to leave a message that was never returned. When we did reach someone, we were told to submit paperwork — -then literally the next day, I got a denial letter in the mail and/or that person was transferred to another department. When Greentree finally acknowledged my need to modify my loan, they came back with an offer that significantly raised my monthly payment!! Is n’t it obvious with my hardship that I need a modification that makes it easier to make payments, not one that eats up over half of my fixed income? I know they have guidelines to follow when it comes to how much of a borrower ‘s income should go towards their mortgage payment … .why would they make such an unreasonable offer? It sure seems like they are just going through the motions so they can put it on me that I did n’t accept their offer of help, justifying their foreclosure on my house.

Furthermore, my property value has severely declined as well. But I still want to keep my home!! I ‘m not looking for a handout. I want to get back to normal and not be facing imminent foreclosure. It ‘s stressful not only emotionally, but physically as well. I just need someone to assist me in getting Greentree to use some common sense to solve this problem. I would be forever grateful for any assistance that can be provided towards that goal.

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