Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Here are several letters I wrote Bank of America.

XXXX XXXX Dear : Office of the PresidentXXXX XXXX XXXX I am writing you in a complete distraught and devastating state. I applied for a modification last year XXXX, in which I was approved for a trial payment in the amount of {$1000.00}. I paid each payment in this amount for 3 months and even months after while I was being told that my permanent documents were being prepared. Every time I called my account manager, for a total of XXXX to 6 months after the trial had ended, although I still made my payments, the customer relationship manager kept telling me the same thing. I ended up getting the case escalated just to find out that the amount I given was made an error and they had to get out a new trial package in the amount of {$1000.00}. Since it was an error, the trial would start over for another 3 months. Although I was thinking I was finally getting this past me, I agreed and waited on the new agreement to arrive. The new agreement arrived in XXXX XXXX, I signed the documents on XXXX XXXX, placed the account number on the top of each page, faxed the documents to XXXX AND went to XXXX and handed the clerk my envelope, as it was a long line, she said since it was prepaid all I had to do was drop it off, which is what I did.

Several days after, I called my account manager and asked if they ‘ve received my documentation. He put me on a brief hold, came back and said, ” yes you are all set. We do have your package on file. ” Then he proceeded to tell me to continue to make the {$1000.00} payment by calling him over the phone, or any customer service rep that could take the payment. I also got a call from my CRM XXXX XXXX last month on XXXX XXXX just checking in as he ‘s required to do every 30 days, and he also took my XXXX payment over the phone for the trial period amount. We spoke about the month of XXXX XXXX, being my last trial payment and to wait for permanent modification documents soon after. I was excited to know that this was almost over.

Well unfortunately, XXXX XXXX, I opened a document saying that I have been denied my trial modification due to failure to return the signed trial modification agreement. Now again, not only did I fax the document and send a hard copy via XXXX but I called my CRM ( customer relationship manager ) who ‘s supposed to be managing my account and working on behalf of my modification confirm receipt. Now I get to this point just to feel like once again, I am starting all over!! I called the appeals department and she opened up an appeal, stating that she does not see my paper work anywhere in the system, and she stated that maybe XXXX saw the first modification filed documents and assumed those were the new ones ( the ones with the ERROR in payment amount. ) I made copies of what I sent, dated exactly on the date I sent them which I have attached. I am feeling as if I ‘m being sabotaged. Why would I be making a payment of the exact amount of the trial period if I did n’t even agree to it? I ‘ve now made all of my trial payments in the amount of {$1000.00}. Just to get this letter in my final month? I ‘m so disappointed in this system. I ‘m thinking the CRM and Bank of America is there to ” help ” Well I need HELP! I do n’t know what else to do, thinking I covered all basis, making my payments every month, and ready to move forward with my life, just to be set completely back.

XXXX XXXX, I am pleading for help. I ‘ve made the appeal, and now I ‘m told I just have to wait for a call back … I ‘m hoping you can expedite and have someone investigate this case. I was thinking permanent docs would be in the mail, not a denial. I hope you can understand my level of frustration throughout this entire process. This is very unfair and unfortunate for me and my family.

Appeals have denied and closed my case, I am disputing this denial.

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