Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Complaint : Nationstar Mortgage Loan # XXXX Complaint Date Filed : XXXX XXXX, 2016, XXXX XXXX On Wednesday, XXXX XXXX, 2016, I received a letter from Nationstar Mortgage. The letter ( see attached ), dated XXXX XXXX, 2016, informed me of an updated Dedicated Loan Specialist to assist me. The name of the updated Dedicated Loan Specialist, XXXX XXXX.

I have been working with XXXX XXXX since XXXX XXXX, 2016. Call and E-mail communication from XXXX XXXX, 2016, sent to XXXXXXXXXXXX : Follow up to my call and message I left on Friday, XXXX XXXX, 2016, XXXX Hello XXXX XXXX As per XXXX, Customer Relations Specialist, letter dated XXXX XXXX, 2016, CFPB Case Number XXXX, you are my Single Point of Contact.
Please E-mail me detailed instructions for all needed paperwork for loan modification assistance, all documentation needed XXXX.
Thank you!

What does this letter mean?
Why am I being informed of an ” updated ” Dedicated Loan Specialist, when I have been working with such ” specialist ” since XXXX?
What is happening to my previously submitted documentation?

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