Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

On XX/XX/XXXX, we were notified that our loan ( modification ) was being transferred from XXXX ( XXXX ) to BSI Financial Services ; we are current and next payment made ( XX/XX/XXXX ) should be to BSI. The process between the banks was long and odd, as BSI informed me, we were NOT up to date, over a month due and could default ( do n’t know how that happens in a month ) … further, I DID send in our XX/XX/XXXX payment to BSI. I continued to keep in touch with XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX ( both XXXX ) as the transferring of loans was n’t completed or things are ” falling through the cracks ” – – XX/XX/XXXX – we receive welcome letter from BSI ; this is your monthly payment, escrow balance, etc. On XX/XX/XXXX we are behind (?! ). On XX/XX/XXXX we are in default (?!?! ). On XX/XX/XXXX, I spoke to XXXX and all is well on their side, not sure why BSI is stating as such. I make REGULAR monthly payments for XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX … then it begins. My husband and I run into some financial hardship and did n’t make our XXXX and XXXX payments. I phone BSI and get in touch with XXXX XXXX, she is in charge of account and handle everything with us ( Great! ) – XX/XX/XXXX, I spoke with her about our situation and she states ; they are not a bank, but a licensed mortgage servicer and debt collector ; whom help people like us in financial stress, avoid foreclosures, etc. XXXX XXXX ( via phone conversation, which they have recorded ), said she would take XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX payments and add them on to the end of the loan ; I would need to submit a hardship letter, check stubs and XXXX, to be processed through underwriting for approval, then XX/XX/XXXX we are back on track – ( wonderful! ). Throughout XXXX, I emailed her several times about status from underwriting, no reply. I phone and speak to XXXX, who insists I continue to speak with XXXX as she holds our account. Ok (? ) – – XXXX, I am on the phone with her to make our monthly payments for XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX, but advised to hold on to my funds, as the loan is still in under writing. Ok (? ) – but what about making a payment? … I do n’t want anything bad to happen – credit, foreclosure, etc. XX/XX/XXXX – she STILL advises me that all is well and hold the funds. Ok (?? ) – – I continue to send emails ; inquiring and asking – there ‘s NO response. I WANT to make my payment, but afraid to, this seems odd – and I should have done something sooner. Because now its XX/XX/XXXX, I get a call from XXXX XXXX ( from BSI ) ; responsible for our account now and stating we owe {$8100.00} ( from the past 8 months ) to bring us current OR try to re-finance with another bank. Excuse me?! XXXX XXXX and I, have a conversation about everything that had gone on with XXXX ; she ‘s STILL at the company but a ” high end ” director and just impossible to get a hold of, as she has so many loans. Regardless, she should have told XXXX about our situation ; maybe read all the notes or maybe read my emails or maybe check with underwriting or call me sooner! What is this?! ( I ‘m very worried to say the least – as my husband have lived here for 11 years and we have XXXX daughters. ) Going to another bank for a re-finance is probably impossible since my credit score is now under XXXX ( more than likely ) and we have n’t made a mortgage payment in months, as we were so advised – – and I TRUSTED this, and them … we are suppose to HELP each other. I do n’t have $ XXXX to hand over NOR would I WANT to, to them. We have no intention of selling or want a short-sale, WE LIVE HERE … and I certainly would n’t do it through BSI – its fraud. Further, its come to my attention that BSI has a D- rating from XXXX. Also, through Consumer Reports, I am not the only person dealing with BSI in this manner … and the stories are ALL THE SAME. Something needs to be done here, please … ASAP. Thank you VERY much.

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