Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I applied and recieved a loan modification back in XXXX XXXX with the Bank of Oklahoma, i was instructed to pay my Mortgage payment of {$810.00}, I made the payments but after one month I begin to received 2-4 calls per day from their collection department saying that I ‘m late and behind on my payments. I ‘d tell them that I am not late, then send in my proof of cancelled checks to verify as my proof. They ‘d call me at work and harass me until early in XXXX when I told them to stop. I ‘d get notices on my door to call every week. Finally in XX/XX/XXXX, I called and they finally told me that they had made a mistake in not putting all of my payments to the back of my loan. My income went down in XXXX due to an unresolved employment issue and I had problems with paying my loan beginning in XXXX of XXXX. Every month before this happened I ‘d get a ” Request for Help ” packet which I filled out and each time I was denied assistance for help, income to low, payments have to be caught up before we can offer you assistance!? I would call the XXXX XXXX, the Customer Relations Manager, but he ‘d block my phone number or the phone would loop and bring me back to the same page : put in your account number and phone, then it would re-loop and I never could get to talk to anyone for help, instead they ‘d have the collection agency call with another hard collection call.This went on for months. Afterwards they ‘d send me a XXXX XXXX to fill out concerning the service at the BOK, I got one today also. Each time I fill out the survey someone would call me from somewhere within their banking operations who did n’t know anything about my loan but would take my complaint down and I ‘d never hear from them again. The last time I filled out the XXXX questions, they sent the information over to my home bank ; finally I asked who was she!? She said the Branch Manager at a location close to where I lived, so I asked her if she knew what I was talking about and she had no Idea, but said she ‘d take my information down and pass it on. this was just another example of getting the run-a-round. I went 5 months without being making a payment and tried to seek help for a temporary forbearance in month two, filled out the paperwork and was denied on something different than what I had applied. I finally called them and was pretty straightforward with them concerning how I was being treated. I told them that everytime I called I ‘d get a different person who told me different information about my cry for help. In XXXX of XXXX, I lost my job and they filed Foreclosure. Fortunately, I had a XXXX account where I paid off my back payments and saved my home, I think here it is in XXXX and I ‘m still getting offers in the mail saying my home is in foreclosure!? Once Again, I applied for a temporary forbearance for 3-6 months until I get a job, but was ; denied assistance again on the forbearance ; Type I forbearance was un-evaluated and Type II was non-approved because my account was n’t past due!? They told me that the decision would be made by the XXXX of XXXX, XXXX. I received the decision letter dated XXXX XXXX, XXXX, but was posted marked XXXX XXXX, XXXX and delivered XXXX XXXX, XXXX and It gave me until XXXX XXXX, XXXX to Respond or it will not be considered.. In the application for assistance, unemployment forbearance was listed as an option to assist the borrower until they can get back on financial ground. I believe BOK Mortgage has used unlawful collection techniques in an effort to take my home back, denied me assistance because of my race, speaking up for my rights, overcharged in foreclosure cost ( they reimbursed me {$1300.00}, I paid {$8800.00} of my XXXX plan proceeds to save my home, and denied fair treatment and consideration according the the options listed in protecting your home from foreclosure and mistreated a XXXX

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