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Wells Fargo ‘s continuing harassment of mortgage holders late on payment. I am on fixed incomes with irregular receiving schedules with NO missed payments, only late/tardy. Have already implemented a ” cease & desist ” against them for repeated phone calls – no messages left most times – & emails. So they ‘ve resorted to other methods, like frequent certified mail & the big white door hanger with ” CONFIDENTAL ” printed on the outward facing side in enormous red block font lettering ( I have photos ). This is beyond embarrassing & I consider it harassment. Inside the envelope is a piece of paper asking me to call them immediately. When done, the Wells Fargo mortgage rep just wants to know when you ‘ll be paying that month ‘s installment. That ‘s it??!? Big giant red letters on a bright white envelope hanging on my front door for all my neighbors to see for that??!? & Certified mail stickers plastered on there as well? What is wrong with these people???

I am NOT 6 months behind on my mortgage, or even 2. When you rely on others for your income, like Social Security & alimony, it ‘s difficult to budget sometimes & sure I ‘m late but not behind. I catch up & always have, but throw in an unexpected event & my budget is a mess. Things happen. I ca n’t help that & living ” check-to-check ”, there ‘s nothing to fall back on when you have to have an abscessed tooth pulled & do n’t have dental insurance anymore. Wells Fargo ‘s motto is ” Together We ‘ll Go Far ” but they do n’t play well with others, that ‘s for sure. A plain letter mailed to me would be acceptable if they ‘re that worried about a late payment, but they have n’t tried that approach to date. Got to have Certified mail & BIG red lettering on my front door. As if living with a physical XXXX trying to manage after your ex-husband, & main provider, abandoned the household, & filing for bankruptcy in the last 12 months was n’t enough.

Quit the harassing behavior Wells Fargo!!! You ‘ll receive your payments, like you have for the last 12+ years. Might be a week or 2 late, but it ‘s coming. Really!

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