Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

This is what happened. Citi mortgage has had us listed as an FHA loan, and we paid Citi Mortgage FHA insurance on a government fixed loan we thought we had. We ran into some financial difficulty a few years back, and got behind XXXX payments. We asked Citi for help, and they claimed they were going to modify our loan via the FHA Hamp 2 program. However, after alot of run around, submitting redundant paperwork ( even though on their statements say they keep the paperwork on file for 60-90 days ), we were still denied the FHA modification because we did not meet FHA guidelines. We were also not allowed to make our monthly payments while we were in this process either. In the beginning we, were only XXXX payments behind, at the end it was XXXX. They did put us on a payment plan for 3 months, which we made in FULL and on time, yet were still denied a an FHA modification. We ultimately had to file for bankruptcy to save our home, we felt they were trying to purposefully foreclose. We decided to give FHA and HUD a call, and they informed us our FHA number was never active and have not received any funds from Citi Mortgage over the years. We received our loan in XX/XX/XXXX as an FHA loan, and paid in FHA money that is on our statements, FHA claims they never received any funds because our FHA loan status was never activated due to lack of receiving packet from Mortgage company. Also, our old statements say ” Government Fixed ”. Citi Mortgage still says our loan is FHA and puts our FHA number on our loan papers today. We started researching the matter and there are XXXX of people around the nation with the exact same issue, and Citi is doing the exact same thing to them. How could Citi be pursuing a FHA loan modification with an inactive FHA number? We still make our house payments today, but also have to pay a trustee {$650.00} a month, for something that we are not at fault for. Not to mention, Citi has never actually told our lawyers exactly what we were behind in payments, so they are guestimate payments at best, and they have added the missed payments onto our loan, where it appears we have taken out a XXXX mortgage! Which we have not. We have been in bankruptcy for over 2.5 years now, and it is been very difficult to say the least to maintain. We have 2.5 more years. When we were behind just XXXX payments, we should have received a FHA Loan Modification, However, due to the negligence and oversight of Citi Mortgage, we have had to deal with much greater financial and physical hardship. We understand Citi Mortgage has engaged in FHA fraud in the past, and would like help in determining if this is what has occurred with our loan. We also hope this helps many others whom are getting the run around and/or possible fraud from Citi to be helped with this as well. It has created many problems for our family.

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